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 [TUT] How to add R63 Badges

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PostSubject: [TUT] How to add R63 Badges   Wed Jul 25, 2012 4:06 am

Hello, Im going to be showing you how to add custom badges to Gordon's Swf Pack.

1. Gordon's Swf Pack Link:
2. A Custom Badge you want to add.
First things first, save your picture to a .GIF, and name It whatever you want, just remember what you named it.
Example: FHM (Flush Hotel Mod)
2nd, you need to go into your Gordon Swf pack, and go into C_images/album1584.
Then paste your .GIF Image into album1584, Then your done with that part.
Lastly we need to add the External_flash_texts. Open it, Then paste this where ever you want.
badge_name_XXX=Badge name were It says XXX That's where you put your 3 digit Badge ID.
badge_desc_XXX=Badge description same as top change XXX to your Badge ID, and Make a description for your Badge.
After that just go Into your Hotel and say :givebadge (username) BadgeID
then restart your Cache by pressing CTRL H In a new tab.
After that just reload the Hotel, then check your badges, when that's finished, your done.

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[TUT] How to add R63 Badges
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