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  [AD] ~ Source Hotel ~ [AD]

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PostSubject: [AD] ~ Source Hotel ~ [AD]   Wed Jul 25, 2012 4:23 am

What is Source?
You've seen Source before, You may not of realised but it's Habbot Hotel (hense the domain) at a hole new level. We offer the best features and regular client updates. We keep you all updated on the new things being introduced into this hotel.

What make Source unique?
That's an easy question! Source is unique because we are running on a 8GB RAM VPS so we have no lag, We have a great community and the staff are always happy to communicate with the users, unlike other hotels. We also offer a variety of VIP Packages to keep us online. We also have our own unique hotel view and startup logo. We strive to be as professional as possible.

What features does Source have?
- Customs
- Great Catalogue
- Regular Events
- Great CMS Edit
- Regular Client Updates
- More Public Rooms
- Much more, See for yourself! - If the link doesn't work, 67% chance that their Hotel is Ddosed.
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[AD] ~ Source Hotel ~ [AD]
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