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 How to set up your Emulator [Noob Friendly]

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PostSubject: How to set up your Emulator [Noob Friendly]   Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:36 am

Hello, Most people surprisingly do not know how to set up an emulator. Well good thing I'm here because I'm here to show you how step by step ( Newbie Style ).. And Don't Pay Attention To What Emu I'm Using.. Just Follow The TUT , This Works With All Emulators...

1st.) Open Up Your Emulator , ( If Its From WinRar, Click on the file then at the top you should see "Extract To".. In This Case, Extract it to your desktop.)

2nd.) Go to your desktop and open the Emulator File, That You Just Extracted To your Desktop. Then In The File You Should See A Bunch Of Other Files In there If You Do, Your In the correct Position and your doing great so far. You Should See these Files Most Likely; Config.conf, exceptions.err, info.txt, Phoenix 3.7.1 db..., Phoenix 3.7.1 Emu..., and translate.ini,) <--That Is What Should Be In File You Opened...

3rd.) Now Double Click ( Open ) the Config.conf file, then all the info and requirements will open with notepad. and you should see this; ## Free Phoenix 3.7.1 13800 c2.1 System Configuration File

## Licence Information put user and password that you want

## MySQL Configuration
db.hostname=Localhost - Hamachi, VPS or Dedicated Server's IP

## MySQL pooling setup (controls amount of connections)

## Game TCP/IP Configuration
game.tcp.bindip= - Hamachi, VPS or Dedicated Server's IP

## Client configuration

## MUS TCP/IP Configuration
mus.tcp.bindip= - Hamachi, VPS or Dedicated Server's IP
mus.tcp.allowedaddr= - Hamachi, VPS or Dedicated Server's IP

## Console Configuration

4th.) Now this is where you set up your emulator Where it Says Username Put; ( AnyRandomName ). Where it says db.hostname= put " localhost " ( backspace where it says "- Hamachi, VPS or Dedicated Server's IP" ) and make sure Localhost is lowercased. Now Where it Says Db.Password=ruger, put your password to enter your Phpmyadmin Db. Now where it says, put the name of your db. Now lets skip to the next section.. You See Where it Says.. " ## Game TCP/IP Configuration " , Go Down Until You See " game.tcp.bindip= - Hamachi, VPS or Dedicated Server's IP " Edit where it stops "game.tcp.bindip=" Back space the rest of that crap until it looks like this now "game.tcp.bindip=" now enter the ip you used to set up your ip. and do that where ever you see; - Hamachi, VPS or Dedicated Server's IP and do the same process ( change it to your hotel ip )

5.) Go Back To Your Files and open; Phoenix 3.7.1 Emu... Once You Have Done That You Have Successfully Got Your Hotel Open and Online.. ( You Are Able To Go On Your Client ) , Great..

If You Have Any Problems or concerns Reply below !

I hope this helped you ! Smile
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PostSubject: Reply   Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:40 am

Nice tutorial, should be able to help some newbies who are Just starting out their retro.

'Til I Die
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How to set up your Emulator [Noob Friendly]
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